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Hup48 Channel Manager - manage your bookings effectively


Why our Channel Manager ?

  • Hup48 is a user-friendly Channel Manager and quick to learn.
  • Hup48 has a basic built-in PMS.
  • 24/7 support included.
  • We use official XML connectivity with all sites.
  • We have interfaces with all the major sites (, Expedia, Agoda, Hostelworld etc.) We also have unique sites like Airbnb, Gomio, Despegar/Decolar, mr. and mrs. Smith, GTA and more, which can rarely be found in the channel manager market. Soon to come: Roomorama.
  • We offer 2 months Free Trial on our Channel Manager to allow hoteliers to work with Hup before making any commitments.
A glance at our Room Map
A glance at our Room Map

A peek at our Rate Plan

 Rates & Availability Manager

Long & short term rates and availability updates. User-friendly and extremely fast. You could also manage your restrictions using our tools.

Making all your updates in one place instead of manually changing in each site would save you plenty of time, allow you to work with more sites and keep your booking sites fully updated on vacancies – thus increasing your revenue.

Reservation Manager

Hup48 is not just a great Channel manager but is also provided with a basic PMS.

Besides our Room Grid, we have a simple yet sophisticated reservation query, where you could search reservations by various parameters.

Create reservations, for singles or groups, using our grid or add-reservation button. You can change thereservation status – in-house, checked out, paid etc.

Check out our Reservation Manager
Check out our Reservation Manager


Create & Edit easily




Increase Traffic and Revenue

When you manually update rates and availability on travel sites, you waste a lot of time, and you are always at risk of overbooking. 
You may think twice before offering your last vacancies for fear of overbooking. When a room was booked, you are also required to update each site separately, and additional bookings  may come in while doing so. This cycle is endless and hard for a human to handle.

When you’re using a stable and robust channel manager, like Hup48, you get your free time back, you save money on employees and you can free-up more vacancies to online bookings. With our smart automation, every little update is made instantly and all across 24/7. Our Channel Manager also allows you to handle more travel sites. With more sites and rooms to sell, your profits will increase.

Our Shared-Availability feature could also help you generate higher incomes by promoting more room types according to the guests needs (if you have an option to easily transform a triple room to a quadruple room), and contribute from one type to another, thus increasing room sales and satisfying your guests.

Hup48 Channel Manager has 24/7 customer support and uses the latest technology, to provide you with qualitative connectivity. Our quality and service can’t be matched today with any other channel manager out there. We do not compromise on our programming and support standards. 

We offer you a 2-month free trial because we want you to see for yourself that Hup48 is the product that suits your needs. Try us and you will not regret it.

Booking Engine for your Homepage Reservations

coming soon


  • Connected to Hup48 for pricing, availability and  delivery.
  • No additional charges or fees.
  • Multilingual and customizable.
  • User-Friendly interface.
  • Cross-platform, Mobile-ready.

Coming Soon- Booking Engine for your hotel site